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"It is what you read when you don't have to that determines what you will be when you can't help it." -Oscar Wilde

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2014 Book #15: Mirror Sight by Kristen Britain


Fantasy, Adventure, Romance, and now TIME TRAVEL! The Green Rider series by Kristen Britain keeps getting better and better with this fifth book titled Mirror Sight. 

After sending the dark force Morhaven the Black into the future to gain her world some time, Sir Rider Karigan falls two-hundred years forward with him. She is met with new troubles, riddles, and alies as she tries to not only thwart a rising empire but find her way back home. But with Karigan as a living relic of the time, and her companions with agendas of their own, will our hero get back to her King or find a new life in this future?

Britain gives her readers another fast-paced “ride” (pun intended) through a new world that greatly resembles our own industrial revolution. With so much new material to explore, this 700+ page book was riddled with description. Britain also gives time to explore a host of new characters as well as keeping in touch with ones I have already grown to love so much. 

With all of its descriptive beauty and powerful relationships, my only fear is that our time-traveling heroine may not have developed enough to compensate for the book length. Not to spoil anything, but my biggest qualm is with the ending. There are certainly some physical characteristics of Karigan’s that change, and she (hopefully) has affected her future for the better. However, I fear that not much else has really “changed”. There wasn’t enough of a resolution to truly get a sense of where Britain will take Karigan’s development. I only hope that the next book will reflect more of how Karigan has transformed from the events in this one.

Kristen Britain, thank-you for your work, and I eagerly await the next installment.  

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